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                                                      SeanHP16 by Rukiaoceanspirit1

It was a starry night and the moon was hiding behind clouds. You were flying a near the quidditch pitch on your new broomstick. You longed to join the Gryffindor quidditch team, but at the moment there were no opening or so you thought.  You sighed and smiled at the quidditch team practicing wishing you could be there with them. And then you fly around a bit more and sees that everyone inside the quidditch pitch starting to leave on by one. You descend and walks towards the quidditch pitch carrying your new broomstick on your shoulder hoping you could just fly a bit more in the quidditch pitch itself now that it would be free.
When you get to the entrance of the quidditch pitch you see one person still inside. He was clearly in his own world looking at the direction of the hoop.  You recognize him from the back, since there are only two dark haired guys in Gryffindor quidditch team, this was clearly Oliver Wood. Tall, thin, handsome and the best keeper you’ve ever seen. You always idolized him from the first time you saw him. You keep walking in trying to keep it cool and he turns around to see who you were and turns scarlet as his quidditch robes.
‘I’m a Gryffindor. Not a spy’ you hold your hand up slightly as in to say ‘hi’ and smile.
‘Oh,  alright. No worries, the practise are over anyway’ he says uneasily.
‘You don’t mind if I just fly around here a bit. See what it feels like here on my new broomstick’  you ask
‘Oh,-- Erm,--you got a new broomstick? What’s the model?’  he turn around to see your new broom.
‘It’s a Nimbus 2003. Not as fast as a firebolt though. But, I still like it! Lucky Harry got a firebolt now. It’s really brilliant!’
‘Yeah, wish I could be there to see it more action. May I see your broomstick?’ he asks politey.
You hold it up to him with both your hands too astonished you quidditch idol asking you to see your new broom. He carefully takes it to his hands and holds it.
‘It’s nice! You—you’re lucky. Christmas present?’ he asked
‘Something like that’ you smile shyly.
‘What? Is it like a secret or something?’ Wood laughs and hands you back your broom.
‘Ah, nope’ you shakes your head. ’My parent sent me money this year to buy whatever I want this time! So, I got this and a few quidditch text books!’  You smile happily
‘Woah, Cool! This is my last time here at this quidditch pitch’ he said in a sad voice
‘Your last year?’
He nods. ‘hey, by the way Congratz on winning the quidditch cup!’ you give him your hand to shake. He takes it gently and shakes and blushes. ‘Thanks! It’s been a rough year. With the dementors and all. Glad they were sent back’ he says
‘yeah’ you reply
‘You are in the same year as Ginny Weasley, right?’ he asks
‘yeah,  how –how did you know?’
‘I’ve seen you  studying in the common room with your friends.’he repley.
‘Really?’ you asks astonished.
‘yeah’ he answers awkwardly clearly feeling awkward about telling you that he had seen you before may be. Then suddenly he asks ‘Didn’t know you love quidditch?’
‘Oh, I really, really love quidditch! Wish I could be a keeper like you! And let me tell you, you are the best quidditch keeper I’ve ever seen!’ you said brightly almost jumping.
Wood chuckles and blushes ‘thank you! There will be an opening in next year. You should try out’
You smiles.
‘Would you  like to practice for it?’ he asks
‘You mean now?’  
‘It is never late for practices’ you both say at the same time and laughs.
‘Then it’s settled’ he says as he mounts his broom.
‘Oh, I’m (Y/N). It’s really nice meeting you personally!’
‘I’m Oliver. But, you already knew that. And it’s great to finally meet you too’ he blushes ‘C’mon let’s practice and get you ready for the try outs’ he grins at you.
An unforgettable night! :)
I wrote this fic for one of my favourite imagine pages in Tumblr! Big Hero 6 Breathe It came up good!! Pleased So, here it is! Whoosh 
After a very long time!! I've been very busy with school and stuff! At last I found some time to update the journal! I Never See You Anymore 
I uploaded My Quick Silver painting and Haldir painting yesterday!!! Dancing Elsa That too I found time to color after a long time because I was busy with exams! Never ending exams!! 
What else should I write?!? Wish I could go to comic con. For the First Time ... May be someday! There is always HOPE! Snow Party 

Annnnnnnnnd I'm still painting a new picture of my favourite Princess Punzy!!  Elsa and Anna are next! 


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